Let's shape the
world of tomorrow

Social commitment is a matter of course in our family business.

Together we can turn the tide towards a more sustainable economy. That is why we support various environmental initiatives: from local to global campaigns of the United Nations. We support social projects, advocate fair working conditions and thereby also inspire our employees to think responsibly. And last but not least, we also encourage other companies to act more sustainably.

Environmental protection begins on our doorstep

For many years, we have been supporting waste collection campaigns throughout Germany with free garbage bags. For example, the "Hamburg räumt auf!" campaign directly in our city. In 2019 alone, more than 170 tonnes of rubbish were collected from pavements, parks and green spaces. In addition, we also carry out important educational work and support people in the correct sorting of waste, which represents valuable raw materials for us. 

Sustainability concerns us all

The value chain of our products is long. To ensure that our sustainable commitment pays off in the long term, we also ensure that our suppliers and business partners act responsibly. From raw material extraction to delivery, we demand that they take binding measures to protect the environment. In addition, we win partners for joint projects and are committed to industry-wide climate protection standards.