Only the best recycled material for our products

At DEISS, environmental footprint and quality are right.

Recycling has been standard at DEISS for many years. Already over 75% of our products are made from recycled or renewable raw materials. Around 70% can be recycled or composted after use. And there are more and more. 

For example, we are gradually increasing the share of post-consumer recyclates, especially from the "Gelbe Tonne" (yellow plastics waste bin). At the same time, we are improving the quality of the plastics and making them more and more usable with the help of additives. In this way, we can save material on every garbage bag – and still guarantee you a consistently high product quality. 

Sustainable quality is our trademark

DEISS products are predominantly based on recycled raw materials. Wherever quality and product safety permit, we process the highest possible proportion of recycled plastics into new films. And we are conducting intensive research to further improve the quality of the recyclates and ensure it with specially developed processing methods. In this way, we can keep increasing the proportion of recycled material in our products.

Our innovative solution: high-quality products made from post-consumer recyclate

Plastics make up a large part of household waste. Our goal is to recycle as much of this waste as possible. To achieve this, we want to increase the proportion of household-related waste in our products. But the materials are difficult to process. They are usually not separated by type and, as a raw material, impair product quality. However, with the help of additives, we are able to improve the material quality so that we can also manufacture high-quality products again from post-consumer waste.