Necessary becomes sustainable

Garbage bags and bin liners made of polyethylene are irreplaceable for professional waste disposal. This makes it all the more important for us to use these plastics responsibly and reduce their environmental footprint. We develop materials that help to save CO2. We are establishing processes to increase the recycling rate of our products. And we are closing material cycles to permanently reduce the amount of waste. This way, we can turn the "necessary" garbage bag into the most sustainable solution for waste disposal. 

Conserve valuable resources.
And conserve. And conserve.

Our most important material is recycled material. That is why we collect process and consumer waste, take back films from our customers, recover plastics from residual waste and process them into new products. In this way, we can keep increasing the recycling rate.  

Our goal by 2030: All products will be made from 100% recycled material or from renewable resources.

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Saving CO2 with clever ideas

To reduce CO2 emissions, we are working on many levers: With the help of innovative products and materials, we push technical boundaries and, for example, save 30% CO2 with DEISS PREMIUM PLUS garbage bags – by using less material and maintaining the same high quality. We also improve operations, optimise distribution and logistics and support various initiatives to protect the environment.

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Closing circuits – reducing waste

One of our most important approaches is to close material cycles. That is why we are conducting intensive research into recovering our disposable products – as well as other plastics, e.g. from post-consumer waste – for production processes and keeping them in the value chain for as long as possible. In this way, we can further reduce the proportion of new material and permanently reduce the amount of waste.

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Our goal: a sustainable society

Sustainable action can only succeed if we work together. That is why we are just as committed to the environment as we are to our employees, our customers and society. We support international environmental projects and are committed to climate protection. We support numerous initiatives such as the "Hamburg räumt auf!" campaign. And we are committed to social issues, safe working conditions and respectful interaction.

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Our commitment pays off

By supporting environmental initiatives worldwide, we ensure that our measures are effective. 

Organic garbage bags DIN EN 13432 

DEISS is certified according to the certification programme organic garbage bags made of compostable materials DIN EN 13432.


EcoVadis Gold Medal 2022 award for sustainability in the plastic goods manufacturing category.

ISO certification 14001

As part of the SUND Group, DEISS is certified according to the environmental management standard DIN EN ISO 14001.