We close the circuit

Our specialists continue to research so that no plastic remains unused. 

We think disposable products should not be waste. Even if they are only used once, their materials can be reused as resources. This requires a circular market, which does not yet exist for plastics. But we are already developing products today that can be recycled in a meaningful way. Together with others, we are committed to establishing a circular economy across Europe.

Far too valuable to throw away

We support the EU's Circular Plastics Alliance to build a closed loop economy for recycled plastics in Europe. To achieve this, we have committed to using 33,000 tonnes of recycled material in production every year. We also develop products that can be recycled in a technically and economically viable way. As a result, we need fewer and fewer new goods, can significantly reduce waste and save raw materials.

Innovative materials become circular products

We recognised the value of supposed waste early on. More than 50 years ago, we not only produced jute sacks for coffee, but also collected the used sacks, processed them and put them back into circulation. Today, we apply this principle to leaf sacks, for example. Even though wet leaves pose special challenges for the material, we will take back the bags in future and, thanks to forward-looking plastics, produce new, high-quality garbage bags from them again. 

Our cycle begins with the product

We are developing new processes to recover our garbage bags after use to recycle them as raw material for new bags. In addition to clever ideas and innovative additives, we also rely on the support of expert partners. In this way, DEISS products can be used again and again in the future.