Specialist terms

120 l garbage bag
Garbage bag measuring 700 x 1100 mm

Top quality
Brand-new granulate that meets its strict quality requirements.

Substances added to the base material in the extrusion process. Additives create specific characteristics such as improved penetration resistance, discharge capacity, UV-stability, etc.

Anti-static plastic film
Such plastic films contain an added substance which gives the film its discharge capacity, either permanent or temporary.

Colloquial term for plastic film that is made from biodegradable and compostable materials.

Blow extrusion
A manufacturing technique for the production of plastic film whereby melted plastic is inflated into large tubular form.

A mix of at least two different granulates melted together in the extrusion process. In Germany, blend is also referred to as a plastic alloy.

Cast film extrusion
A manufacturing technique for the production of plastic film whereby melted plastic is poured onto a smooth surface and the film sheeting pulled off.

Coextrusion/Coex film
Coextrusion creates two different films which are welded together flat while still in melted form.

Processing of plastic materials

A technique to extract ethylene

Dart-drop value
Measures the resistance of the plastic film against abrupt localised mechanical impact stress. It is determined by using a falling weight tester and measured in g/->my.

Defined recycling material
These are recyclable materials of which the composition, source and melting point are known.

Puncture resistance
See dart-drop value

A gaseous hydrocarbon with the chemical formula C2H4. It is the chemical precursor for the production of polyethylene.

The extruder increases the density and temperature of the polyethylene. Colloquially, the term is also used to describe the entire machine that is used for the production of plastic film.

The process which takes place inside the extruder. Colloquially, the term is used to describe the entire process of plastic film production.

Plastic film elasticity
The elastic capacity of the plastic film before it reaches tearing point measured in percent.

A substance used to influence the reaction of chemical processes.

Carbon dioxide
A chemical compound of carbon and oxygen with the chemical formula CO2. A non-combustible, acidic, colourless and odourless gas that dissolves easily in water.

Block bottom
A glued bottom ensuring maximum upright stability of the bag. It provides an even bottom area, particularly for paper bags.

my (µ)
Unit to measure thickness of the plastic film. 1 µ = 0.001 mm

Also called raw gasoline. A relatively light fraction of crude oil which is used to extract ethylene.

Non-standard goods
Due to manufacturing errors, non-standard goods neither meet their specified quality requirements nor have the necessary properties for their intended purpose. Hence they are used for a variety of other purposes and are only available on the spot market.

Opacity / Opaque
Opacity refers to the level of light transmission through a plastic film. Opaque means impervious to light.

High density polyethylene

Low density polyethylene

Linear low density polyethylene

Medium density polyethylene

A polymer made of ethylene. One of the most widely used plastic materials in the world.

A chemical compound consisting of branching or chain molecules.

Process waste
Waste that occurs during the production process, such as offcuts.

Recycling material
Recyclable resources

The use of recycling material for the production process

Products made from recycling material

A granulate created from regenerate

Melt index
The temperature at which polyethylene liquefies.

Slit sealing
A manufacturing process in which the produced plastic film tubing is split to create two tubes.

Spot market
Direct delivery, acceptance and payment in a minimum timeframe. Longer-term availability of the products is unlikely.

UV-stabilized plastic film
Constant exposure to UV light invariably makes PE-film brittle. UV-stabilizers are substances added to the PE during the extrusion process to slow down this process.

Bags with perforations on the filling line to enable fastening with knots.

Draw-string bags
Bags with an inserted circumferential plastic string for fastening